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Carpet is designed to fit virtually every purpose, decorating style, and budget. Searching for a classic plush frieze? Looking for a luxuriously smooth saxony? Seeking the sophistication of intricate patterns? Carpet offers many colors, styles, and textures that will be perfect for your home.

A Little Bit About Carpets & Carpeting

There’s a lot to know about carpets & carpeting. Carpet is one of the most widely used flooring materials and can be used in conjunction with other flooring options. Here’s a quick look at a little bit about carpeting.


Did you know that carpet can be environmentally friendly? PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is a popular carpet fiber that is made from recycled plastic bottles. That sounds well and good, but most homeowners care more about the performance of a carpet than whether or not it’s made from recycled material. The good news? PET carpet fiber is known for its exceptional softness, natural and permanent stain resistance (including pet urine stains), improved strength and better abrasion resistance, and excellent appearance retention and long-term wear.

Stain-Resistant & Low Maintenance

For a superior stain-resistant carpet check out SmartStrand with DuPont Sorona®. SmartStrand doesn’t stain. It is easy to clean with just a little water for even the most stubborn stains including wine, mustard and even bleach.

Does your home include active kids or playful pets? The durability of wear-dated carpet fiber using Scotchgard Advance Repel Technology might be the right answer for you. Carpets with the wear-dated seal retain the original beauty much longer and alleviate many of the hassles of carpet care.

Scotchgard has always been known and trusted for its ability to repel liquid spills and resist soiling. Now it’s been improved to offer even better protection. Exclusive to Mohawk Industries, Scotchgard Protector Advanced Repel Technology provides even more repellency to liquids and enhanced soil protection.

More consumers know and trust the STAINMASTER® carpet brand than any other carpet brand. Some of the most stylish and luxurious carpets available, on the market today, carry the STAINMASTER® brand name. These beautiful carpets are able to maintain their appearance over time because of the way they are made.

Foot-Friendly Carpet Cushion

Don’t forget about the cushion! Carpet cushion helps your carpet feel richer and more luxurious. There many different cushions from which to choose from the standard 6lb. ½” up to 10lb. 1/2″. Some cushions are available with a plastic shield for pet protection.

Aside from making your carpet feel richer and more luxurious, carpet cushion can also add a longer lifetime to your carpet and save you money. That’s not all, though. There are a number of other benefits of carpet cushion, like:

  • Carpet cushion significantly improves a carpet’s sound absorption. Adding acoustic absorption helps keep a quieter home.
  • Carpet cushion improve adds a layer of thermal insulation, keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • Carpet cushion can reduce your foot’s impact on the floor by one-half. That saves your carpet AND your foot wear.
  • Maintenance on a cushioned carpet is often less over its lifetime.
  • Carpets with separate cushion are often less costly to install than ones with cushion built in.

We can help you decide.

Whether it’s your versatile family room, luxurious sitting room, or peaceful nursery, carpeting provides the options you are looking for to make your decorating dreams a reality. Let us help you in the decision making process! Come down to the Faith Floors & More showroom to take a look at our selection and discuss all of the options available to you.

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