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Basement Renovation: Modern, Warm Basement Bedroom

Are you thinking of adding a bedroom to your basement to accommodate overnight guests, teens or aging parents? Most people don’t fully utilize their basements. Basements tend to be dark, cold and damp. However, you can quickly transform your basement into a bright, airy bedroom with just a few tricks.

Add Insulation

To keep your basement bedroom from being cold, then make sure that you start by adequately insulating your basement. Insulation will help keep your family and guests more comfortable and reduce your energy bills, as well.

Besides adding insulation to your walls, make sure that your floors and ceilings have plenty of insulation, as well. Ceiling insulation will help minimize the sound of footsteps from above, and floor insulation helps keep the room a lot more comfortable in the winter.

Consider A Walkout Basement Bedroom

If your basement is partially or entirely above ground level, then consider a walkout basement bedroom. A walkout basement bedroom is fitted with a sliding patio door that leads outdoors — often to an outdoor patio. This provides ample sunlight and ventilation and access to outdoor spaces.


Add A Sliding Patio Door For Safety

Safety is one of the most important considerations when it comes to a basement conversion.

Basement bedrooms require an emergency escape route or opening. Check local building codes to determine what the local requirements are in your area. Most building codes require at least one door or window that can serve as an emergency exit. A sliding patio door will often satisfy egress requirements, and it will brighten a dark basement.

If your basement is completely underground, then consult with a window professional to select windows that will meet building codes for your basement bedroom and add to the aesthetics of the space.

Choose Golden Wall Colors

Painting is an easy way to make a basement bedroom a lot more comfortable and inviting. Warm, golden colors work best as they mimic the sun. Pumpkin, orange and melon shades will make the walls appear brighter when the lights are turned on. Silky yellow, butterscotch, amber, and ivory are also great colors for basement bedrooms.

Carpet The Floor

Carpet is the best flooring material for a bedroom basement. Shag carpet with thick, waterproof padding is an excellent choice. Low-pile carpet is another superb choice for basements since it dries quickly. Carpet tiles are also a good moisture-resistant option for basement bedrooms. They are also easy-to-remove if flooding does ever occur in the basement.