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Storage Solutions for the Basement and Beyond

One of the things we love the most about a new year is the chance to hit the reset button, to start fresh and to—once again—attempt to kick old habits to the curb and make positive changes within the home. In the spirit of all things fresh and new, why not take this as a great opportunity to get organized and create new storage solutions for areas of your home you have been overlooking?

Keep or Donate — then Organize!

Right after Christmas, there is always an abundance of new, exciting additions to the home: random kitchen gadgets, new exercise equipment and–most notably—a mountain of new toys. So where does it all go? Start by tackling one room at a time. For example, if the toy room is out of control and you can’t even begin to think of where the new items will fit, start to make an assessment. One pile stays and is placed into easily accessible storage and the other is a donation pile for charity. Multilevel, cubby-style storage units with baskets and clear bins can keep the space tidy and functioning. Labels on every basket will then help the kids keep their own toys organized.

Basement Storage Additions

Air fryers, crockpots, Dutch ovens and pasta machines all have their place in the kitchen. But sometimes, these less frequently used kitchen gadgets don’t need to actually live in the kitchen. Free up some much-needed storage space in your kitchen by moving these items to a designated overflow storage area.  One Texas designer suggested creating a basement “lounge,” featuring a wall of cabinets to store overflow kitchen necessities. The upper and lower cabinets can provide a place to stash seasonal items like Christmas dishware, festive cookware and china.