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4 Bathroom Trends Trending

#1 Lots Of Storage

Forget about small, cramped bathrooms. Feature lots and lots of storage.

When you shop for storage solutions, think beautiful and practical. Focus on using unused spaces, such as corners and high places for storage. Wall shelves are great because they take up little space and are stylish too. Decorative vases can be used to add style and store makeup brushes and other items. Corner shower shelves offer additional space for shampoos and other items.

#2 Stone Floors

Stone and porcelain floor tiles give a bathroom an upscale look. Stone floor tiles also look great with the minimalist color palettes that are in style right now. You can choose a classic porcelain tile in a simple shape and color. Charcoal is a really popular floor color right now for bathrooms.

#3 Sleek Shower Doors

Frameless shower doors continue to be all the rage in bathroom design. These complement a contemporary bathroom very well. Some homeowners are choosing distinct pattern designs and colors for the shower. The glass shower doors help the design stand out.

#4 More Glass

Bathroom windows are popular in bathroom design. They go well with the spa-like bathroom designs that are in right now. There is nothing better than coming home from a long day at work, soaking in a hot, relaxing bath while enjoying the gorgeous view outside the bathroom. Bathroom windows let you bring the peace of the outdoors into your bathroom while also affording privacy.

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