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Bathroom Design & Layout Ideas To Maximize Space & Style

Bathroom layouts are surprisingly important.

Remember Tetris? In Tetris, lining up a line of solid blocks allows an entire row (or more!) to disappear. The orientation of each block makes a tremendous difference in whether you advance to the next level. The object of the game is to orient blocks as quickly as possible in order to delete as many complete rows as possible.

Remodeling is not like Tetris in many ways, but does share one important feature: orientation and placement matter.

The Ideal Bathroom

There is no singular ideal bathroom. However, every space has at least one optimal layout.

Removing walls, adding walls, removing bathtubs, remodeling showers, moving sinks, toilets, or storage… all of these things go beyond labor. Specifically, they all require planning.

At Faith Floors & More we pride ourselves on our quality craftsmanship and customer service. Every job we do is done carefully. “Measure twice, cut once.” is not just an old adage, it’s a really good way to ensure that everything fits snug and correctly. We take our time waterproofing, sealing, securing, and affixing. We use the best materials and fasteners available. We follow the highest industry standards.

Even still, the success of our craftsmanship and customer service are completely dependent on planning.

No matter how perfectly we install a bathroom fixture, the customer will only truly enjoy our work if we appropriately plan the space.

Like any home space, a bathroom needs to ‘flow’. We don’t want you bumping elbows with your spouse while brushing your teeth. There’s no need to shimmy around a toilet. Storage should not be spilling over!

Are you ready for your ideal bathroom space to flow? Then call Faith Floors & More today. We will spend the time necessary and use our experience to plan your ideal bathroom for you.