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Bathroom Remodel to Remember

When considering a bathroom remodel, oftentimes most people think about the master bathroom. Adjoining bathrooms in other rooms are often considered as well. Interestingly, many homeowners only consider half-bath remodels as afterthoughts. However, the half-bath, a standalone room with only a toilet, sink and mirror, can be a great starting point.

Making A Splash In A Half-Bath

Half-baths can easily become afterthoughts, but as the bathrooms most used by visiting guests, we should consider ways in which these tiny spaces can be modified to make an impression. Not only can a half-bath be re-tiled or updated with laminate, hardwood floors, this room can also be upgraded with an accent wall, woodworking, tile, wallpaper, and more.

Bathroom Remodeling Services

Comfort And Convenience


A remodel should always be carried out with the comfort and convenience of those using it in mind. Take advantage with the remodel of a half-bath to also consider moving the sink, or adding cabinets and drawers for ample storage. Changes like these can be essential for tactfully keeping on hand all bathroom necessities such as extra toilet paper, hand towels, and spare soap. Equally you can consider adding additional towel racks, as well as an electrical fan if the bathroom already doesn’t have one.

With forethought and planning, this often overlooked room can become something your neighbors not only talk about, but go home wanting to duplicate.

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