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Bathroom Remodeling: A Modern Experience

Remodeling your bathroom in 2023 means OPTIONS.

Bathroom fixtures, appliances, decor, and styles are abound. These days, it’s possible to transform and remodel a bathroom space on a variety of budgets in a variety of ways. One of today’s most popular bathroom styles is modern.

What Makes A Modern Bathroom?

What makes a modern bathroom remodel? Modern design is sleek, often simple, and uses symmetry, shapes, and color to create a  cohesive, flowing space. Generally, modern bathrooms feature blacks, grays, off-whites, and few splashes of color. Elegant, stylish, and simpler designs stand out.

Hardware: If you are looking for modern bathroom hardware, consider handles and knobs with less or no filigree.

Showers: Ditch the curtain and have custom glass installed for your modern shower.

Tile: Our huge tile selection gives you the opportunity to find a modern tile that works perfectly with the rest of your home design.

Storage: Modern storage solutions include recessed closets and highly functional storage spaces that don’t draw the eye.

Lighting: Natural light is always preferential, but when lights are needed we offer a surplus of modern fixtures that will give your bathroom the exact look and feel you want.

How To Remodel & Update Your Bathroom

Call Faith Floors & More today to schedule an in home estimate. Alternatively, come into our showroom! We’d be more than happy to share some time together and show you how we can turn your bathroom into a modern, luxurious retreat.