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Bathroom Tiles We Love

"Elevate Your Bathroom with Stylish Tiles"

A sleek, modern bathroom is almost synonymous with great bathroom tiles. From subway to chevron, to tiny geometric, great bathroom tiles come in every shape and pattern imaginable and have the power to completely transform the look and feel of your space.

"Choosing Stylish and Functional Bathroom Tiles"

Selecting the right tile for your bathroom gives you a waterproof space that is both highly functional and stylish. Currently, it’s all about the pattern. Bold and graphic, show-stopping patterned tiles are anything but boring. Look for bold black-and-white geometric tile, and then warm up the look with bronze, gold or brass finishes.

"Modern and Inviting: Earth-Toned Bathroom Tiles"

If you’re looking to go in a different direction than the classic white or beige subway tile, opt for warm, earth tones instead. To achieve a modern bathroom that is both incredibly elegant and inviting (beckoning long, leisurely bubble baths, of course!), consider a sand colored tile backsplash paired with a cream vanity and stone colored accents.

"Tile Pattern Harmony: Mixing Styles for a Unique Bathroom"

Mixing tile patterns is another great option. Beveled white subway tile can be used for the shower interior, while small hex tiles in geometric patterns can add visual interest to the floor. Another popular combo in the College Station area is chevron tiles in neutral tans and grays paired with a mosaic tile shower floor.