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Creating a Spa-Like Bathroom at Home

If there’s one thing we have learned in our MANY years helping College Station residents with home renovations, it’s that Texans work hard and relax even harder! The desire to have a fantastic bathroom that feels as relaxing and luxurious as a high-end spa is one of the most requested wish list items from customers. The good news is you don’t have to break the bank in order to have a spa-like experience in your own home. If you haven’t budgeted for major bathroom upgrades (a new bathtub or all new tile flooring) you can still achieve a tranquil room with spa-like touches.

Make it Rain

It’s true that no trip to the spa is complete without a hot, steamy, luxurious shower. In contrast, at home you may find your own shower to be less than impressive. Consider upgrading your shower head to a rainfall version. The nozzle creates an intense water flow that imitates relaxing rain showers. And at a price point of $50, it’s an easy way to improve your shower time.

Sights, Sounds and Amazing Smells

When you’re applying makeup first thing in the morning or shaving before you run out the door, lots of bright light in the bathroom is incredibly helpful. However, since stark overhead light doesn’t exactly scream relaxation, you aren’t going to need to same lighting scheme for a soothing bath. Making the switch to remote controlled (and dimming) lights can help you adjust according to your mood. Once you have the proper lighting, surround sound music from a Bluetooth bathroom speaker can help transform the experience. Top it all off with essential oils, natural bath salts and a heated bath towel.

Upgrade Your Old Towels

While on the topic of towel luxury, it may be time to toss the old cotton terry towels you have been using since college. Trendy, lightweight, soft and ultra-absorbent, Turkish bath towels have been making waves with spa-goers (and interior design bloggers) for years. And with good reason! These high-quality towels dry faster than a standard towel and continue to get softer and fluffier the more you use them. With a range of anywhere from $20-$100 per towel, it is a worthy investment on an item you will use daily—and feel like a million bucks.