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Rub-A-Dub-Dub: It’s All about the Tub

With 2020 getting off to such an unprecedented start, the majority of us have spent the past three months in our homes in quarantine, dreaming up new home renovation projects. If you have found yourself staring at the same four walls for countless hours, contemplating new paint colors and rearranging furniture, it may be time to tackle a project. If you aren’t feeling a major renovation, the bathroom may be the perfect place to start. So what is trending for bathrooms at the moment? It’s all about the bathtub.

Standing Alone

In the mid-1880s, clawfoot bathtubs reigned supreme when it came to bathroom luxury. A long, indulgent soak (with indoor plumbing!) was reserved for the wealthy. Freestanding clawfoot bathtubs evolved over the years–both in style and affordability—paving the way for the modern pedestal and deep soaking tubs. Redesigning your bathroom with a freestanding bathtub as the main focal point is a modern way to update the space without having to renovate every square inch of the room.

Darker Indulgence

Today, the standalone tub comes in a wide range of styles, colors and finishes, and yet few captivate more than darker-hued or black tubs. Dramatic dark blue, grey and black serve to add opulence to the space, while providing spa-like serenity. When combined with dramatic plumbing fixtures, this makes for a striking focal point in an otherwise calm space.