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Hold the Pink! Updating a Girl’s Bedroom without Clichés

Once upon a time, children’s toy manufacturing companies, interior designers and even parents assumed this one fact must be true: all little girls must love pink. Granted, pretty princess pink will always be popular with a select group of young girls, but for the others—well, they want more. As the nursery eventually morphs into a toddler’s bedroom, which later will be transformed again during middle school (not to mention those teen years!), it’s safe to say kids’ bedrooms generally go through more transitions than your own.

No Theme Needed

Oftentimes, themed bedrooms are popular with parents. They think, “If my daughter loves Disney, why not an entire room of Disney?” While this is a nice idea, you may also find yourself constantly changing themes as your child’s tastes change. Alternately, opt for bold, whimsical colors (even for bedframes and dressers) that are child-like and inspired but also not thematic. Cheerful wallpaper in a vast array of colors (not just pink) and playful accent pillows are also great options that can be changed out pretty easily.

Bedroom without Clichés
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Know Your Audience

One of the key factors when redesigning a personal space for someone else is to you know your audience. And you know your daughter better than anyone. Is she sporty? More artistic? Interested in traveling the world one day? If so, bring in elements and colors that mirror those interests. An artistic and adventurous girl may love bold, colorful Bohemian patterns and textures. Classic grays, blues and nautical patterns are perfect for a sporty daughter. Simple, farmhouse chic is also wildly popular in College Station with teens. If you’re looking for more fresh new ways to update bedrooms (that aren’t totally clichéd) Faith Floors & More has you covered.