Faith Floors

Opening The Master Suite

Your Master Suite is your start of the day & end of the day sanctuary. Enjoy it to the fullest!

Wake up with natural light, embrace space, let your bed be your centerpiece.


Choose A Low Profile Headboard

Large low profile headboards give the sense of expansiveness. Solid wood headboards are beautiful and invite lots of decor options.

Float The Bed In Front Of The Window

If you have the room, leave a space right in front of the window and float the bed into the center of the room. This helps draw the eye away from the window. Choosing a modern-style bed frame will help enhance this design.


Frame The Bed

Frame the bed by hanging curtains or drapes right behind it. This strategy nicely frames the bed, creating a stylish focal point. Plus, drapes or curtains can be used to create more privacy and efficiency.

Incorporate The Outdoors

If you have the space, consider making a private entry / exit through the master suite. Sliding glass doors to a private patio could be the change your space needs to feel whole. Maybe consider a door through the bathroom to a private outdoor shower.