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Small & Stylish: Revamping the Powder Room

Often overlooked when it comes time for renovations, tiny spaces in the home, like the powder room, are actually brimming with design possibilities. From installing fresh new lighting options, to swapping out the vanity, a simple weekend warrior project can breathe new life into an otherwise dull space.

Step into the Light

Powder rooms generally aren’t well equipped when it comes to natural lighting. Instead of just sticking to standard overhead lighting, think of implementing layers! Combine ambient lighting, task, and accent lights. Use recessed lighting with wall sconces, and then add softer lighting, like candles, to warm up the space and feel cozy.

Go Bold with a Backsplash

Installing a reflective surface like a tile backsplash is a great choice for a small bathroom. 

Aside from being ideal for high-moisture areas, it’s incredibly durable and easy to clean. Vinyl tiles are another cost-effective option, with so many colors and textures available for bathroom floors and backsplashes.

A Mid-Century Mindset

Give a plain, white or beige bathroom more character by swapping out the old vanity for a mid-century modern one. No painting or wallpapering necessary! Let a classic, solid wood piece be the star of the show while balancing out otherwise simple details.

Still searching for clever ways to improve your small space? Let the design and renovation experts at Faith Floors & More offer a helping hand.