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Wood Flooring in Your Bathroom Remodel?

The longstanding wisdom has been that wood floors and bathrooms simply don’t go together. The thought was that all the water spilled and moisture accumulated in the room would warp and disfigure the wood and make for an unseemly, uneven, unattractive floor. This prevailing wisdom exists, and should still be heeded, with good reason, but advances in faux wood design, specifically tile, have completely changed all that.

Creative Freedom

While it is true that wood floors in a high moisture areas are fraught with potential issues, tile that is cut, shaped and colored to look like hardwood flooring has turned conventional design logic on its head. Any bathroom, mudroom, foyer or patio, especially those with potentially high exposure to water and moisture can now have the aesthetic of any and all kinds of hardwood flooring with none of the hassle or heartbreak of an expensive floor that needs to be redone in a short number of years due to water damage.


The sky truly is the limit, including, but not limited to blends with tile in flooring patterns previously not feasible using traditional hardwood materials. These faux hardwood floors also make a compelling case because of the durability, and lower price point. The design you want, in the room you want, is no longer a matter of possibility, but one of imagination. If you can dream it, you can do it.

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