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Carpet Trends You Will Actually Fall in Love With

It may seem contradictory that after preaching the endless benefits of hardwood and vinyl plank that we would even so much as mention carpet. But alas! Carpet has been around forever and will continue to have a dominant place in the flooring market. And notably, the improvements in quality, sustainability and function of carpet are light years from where they were 30 years ago. Don’t fret. This isn’t the shag carpet nightmare you grew up with. Let’s explore.

Keep it Natural

If you’re an eco-conscious consumer, you will be pleased to hear that carpet is now on the forefront of the environmentally sustainable flooring movement. Who knew?  The majority of all carpet is now being made from recycled materials. There’s a large variety, but one of the coolest and most innovative is carpet tiles made from recycled plastic soda bottles! Other natural materials to look out for are wool, sisal and jute.


We all know waterproof outdoor rugs and carpets have been available for years, but now you can achieve the same easy-to-clean carpets throughout your home, only with more warmth and comfort. Waterproof carpet doesn’t soak up water or stain, and feels just like standard, plush carpet.

Lush and Plush

With comfort and luxury at the forefront of so many homeowners’ priorities at the moment, it’s not surprising that this also applies to home décor. Plush luxurious carpets are now crafted from some of the finest blends of wool and alpaca. It’s ultra-soft, natural, biodegradable and sustainable.

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