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Old Faithful: Carpet is Here to Stay

If you remotely pay attention to design trends, it may seem like hardwood floors reign supreme. (They are more costly to install initially, but last a lifetime. What’s not to love?) And while they are most definitely having a moment in home design, carpet is still the preferred flooring option for a majority of Texans. So if you’re trying to decide which route to take as you update floors throughout your home, we have a few points you should consider, regarding your old faithful carpet.

Waterproof Carpet

Wait, what? Carpet can be waterproof? We all know outdoor rugs and carpets have been available for years, but now you can achieve the same easy-to-clean carpets throughout your home, only with more warmth and comfort. Waterproof carpet doesn’t soak up water or stain, and feels just like standard, plush carpet. Pretty genius!

It can be green!

If you’re an eco-conscious consumer, you will be pleased to hear that carpet is now on the forefront of the environmentally sustainable flooring movement. Who knew?  The majority of all carpet is now being made from recycled materials. There’s a large variety, but one of the coolest and most innovative is carpet tiles made from recycled plastic soda bottles! 

Carpet Tiles

This brings us to our next type of carpet: the tile. What’s one of the worst things about standard, bulky carpet? When a major stain happens, you feel like the entire carpet needs to be replaced. Carpet tiles allow you to easily remove and replace the stained area (easy enough to do yourself!) and are ideal for families and pets. Carpet tiles are also available in waterproof, which is another plus.   

For more carpet ideas and to learn more about what is trending in College Station, let the flooring professionals at Faith Floors & More offer a hand.