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Heat It Up

If you have ever taken on a major remodel in your home, you understand what a pain it can be to get halfway through a project and realize there was a better, more efficient (and cost effective) way of doing things.  Common remodeling mistakes can be prevented by doing thorough research ahead of time and coming up with a solid game plan.

New flooring in the room

When it comes to installing new flooring in the room you have chosen to revamp, consider your needs (and dreams!) for the future use of this space. Are you ripping up old carpet in your basement and hoping to recreate a more livable and functioning room? Is this a room that could become drafty in the fall and winter months and benefit from additional heating options?

A great solution for this room

A great solution for this room could be the addition of heated floors. When it comes to selecting the type of heat (electric or hydronic) it really comes down to cost, energy efficiency, uniformity of heat distribution, future maintenance and ease of installment. Heated flooring systems work remarkable well with any type of floor (tile, stone or carpet). Most DYIers prefer the ease and efficiency of electric heat, but for a full list of pros and cons, or to find out how much it would cost to install an in-floor heating system in your home, contact the flooring professionals at Faith Floors & More.