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Unique Flooring Touches

Remodeling a kitchen, bathroom, or hallway provides many unique opportunities to modify and adapt the look and feel of any space. New flooring, for example, can completely transform the aesthetics in a room, but within flooring designs, there is more to choose from than one might first consider.

Blended Materials

In traditionally large spaces, such as kitchens, a blended use of materials can bring a heightened sense of elegance and style. Tile and wood flooring can be combined to dazzling effect, creating an artful contrast. The same is true for living rooms with inlaid carpet, surrounded by wood, perfectly framing family gathering spaces. Creativity reigns supreme and the more daring the blend or the design, the more striking effect any remodel will have.

Artful Accents

A room with a blend of wood flooring and tile certainly strikes a modern tone, and the same is true for the use of artful accents such as tile mosaics. Coming in all shapes and sizes, tile mosaics can be modern as well as traditional, with mosaic medallions being rooted firmly in antiquity. Tile mosaics make bold and colorful design statements. The use of tile mosaics make for the perfect grand entrance, eye-catching centerpiece or dazzling accent wall. By seeking out unique flooring touches, and accent pieces, the remodel of your space can be elevated to an even higher level.

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