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Going Green with Flooring

From our clothing, to household furnishings, to even the cars we drive, it’s fair to say that everything in the world around us is moving towards becoming environmentally friendly.  With that said, modern flooring options are no exception. Whether you are interested in the environment, health issues or just a quality product at a good price, it’s important to know the many eco-friendly flooring options that are available.


Carpet is now on the forefront of the environmentally sustainable flooring movement. Who knew?  The majority of all carpet is now being made from recycled materials. There’s a large variety, but one of the coolest and most innovative is carpet tiles made from recycled plastic soda bottles! 

Carpet Flooring

Reclaimed Wood

Heightened eco-awareness in kitchen design is leading to the wildly popular reclaimed wood movement. Reclaimed wood adds a comfy, rustic touch but is also contemporary enough to work in a sleek, modern kitchen.


Eco-friendly bamboo flooring is one of the hardest, most durable flooring options currently available. Bamboo grows so quickly that there is always a surplus of material, unlike other traditional types of wood. This naturally renewable resource gives you a beautiful wood-like option without taking down half of the rainforest. Win-win!

Bamboo Flooring