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Selecting the Best Floor for Your Budget

You’ve finally decided it’s time to take the plunge and redo the floors in your home. You’ve spent countless hours poring over flooring options, comparing prices, researching durability of different materials and stressing over installation rates. What is the most important to you? Style, affordability, longevity or increasing the value of your home? Now that it’s time to begin, make sure you have considered the following points.


Let’s Talk Money

Before you begin, you should know how much you are able to spend on renovations. Selecting the perfect floor for your home ultimately may come down to budget. For the most bang for your buck, hardwood, vinyl plank and tile are all popular (and attractive) options. Once you have identified the material you want to use and calculate the square footage of space, a professional installer can provide proper estimated installation fees to help keep your budget on track.

Performance and Durability

Think about your non-negotiables. Will this be a high-traffic area? Does it need to be relatively waterproof? Is it important to just be aesthetically pleasing or does it also need to be high-function?

Stained concrete is a great option for if you are looking for something incredibly durable, easy to maintain and that also makes a dramatic design statement. Porcelain tiles that look like wood have the same durability—and dependability—of the tile we have known and loved for decades, with the look of real wood. Porcelain tiles that mimic marble are another trend that is extremely realistic when compared to a genuine marble floor, but at a fraction of the cost.  WPC vinyl flooring (Waterproof Core) is one of the most popular types of flooring at the moment. It’s rigid, stable and stylish, available in vinyl planks or tiles that are 100% waterproof, completely modern and look like real wood.


When it comes to new trends and the best flooring options for updating your space, contact one of the home renovation specialists at Faith Floors & More.