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Selecting the Best Heated Floor for Your Bathroom

What could be more relaxing than a steamy, muscle-soothing shower after a long day? You take a deep breath, soaking in the moment and snap back to reality as your feet hit the cold, jarring tile of the bathroom floor. Sure, you have a small square of a bathmat but the party is ultimately over as soon as your warm skin hits the cold porcelain tile.  The solution? It may be time to consider installing a heated bathroom floor. But where do you even begin?

When it comes to selecting the type of heat (electric or hydronic) it really comes down to cost, energy efficiency, uniformity of heat distribution, future maintenance and ease of installment. Most DIYers prefer the ease and efficiency of electric heat. Electric heat uses cables imbedding in a thin mat to generate heat. It’s easy to install and works incredibly well with any type of floor (tile, stone, etc.) and is less expensive than hydronic.

Hydronic uses heated water that moves through tubes attached to thick plywood panels or mortar. Generally, the heated water comes from a water heater. This option is great for tile, stone, and concrete flooring. Although more expensive to install initially, hydronic floor heating can heat multiple rooms (not just the bathroom!) while also saving in energy costs.

To find out how much it would cost to install an in-floor heating system in your home, contact the flooring professionals at Faith Floors & More.