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Showing Some Love for the Laundry Room

Homeowners generally spend countless hours devoting time to renovating and revamping the kitchen and living room—and why not? These are the two most utilized rooms in the home. But what about your laundry room? How is that floor looking these days? Is it worn, torn, cracked or outdated? If so, updating–and hopefully upgrading–your laundry floor can completely transform the look and feel of the space. (It’s a room we all have to spend time in so might as well be an enjoyable experience, right?)

The laundry room floor is traditionally a challenge since it’s prone to damage from stains, spills, bleach, water leaks, dents, etc. But don’t stress! Your best bet is to look for flooring options that are moisture and stain resistant, easy to clean, affordable, durable, long lasting and of course, stylish.

Vinyl Wood Flooring

Luxury Tile Vinyl

One of the biggest advantages to luxury tile vinyl is that it looks high-end but is much cheaper. Style-wise it can mimic hardwood or stone, instantly improving the overall look of the room. Functionally it’s waterproof, resistant to stains, scratches and dents, and is insulating.  If you prefer to do your own renovation projects, this one is easy to install on top of an existing floor and is relatively simple to replace.

Sheet Vinyl

This option is the most affordable with tons of functionality. It’s also waterproof, stain-resistant and doesn’t require grout (hello, easy cleaning!) but it does lend itself to denting and tears after years of use. If you need a cheap, practical option to get you through the next 5 years, this is an excellent one to consider.

Vinyl Wood Flooring


The most durable and long-lasting option is undoubtedly natural stone. Stone tiles made of marble or limestone are practically indestructible but come with a hefty price tag. Also, instillation of this one is a project to leave to the professionals.

Need more ideas for updating your laundry room flooring?  Contact one of the home renovation specialists at Faith Floors & More for more options, tips and pricing.