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The Best Home Gym Flooring Options

When gyms were required to close at the beginning of the pandemic, it forced homeowners everywhere to rethink the concept of a home gym. And for those unable to designate a space for a specific gym, the need still arose for a multipurpose room with proper flooring, conducive to a variety of home workouts and activities. 

Rubber Floor Tile

When most people think of an ideal home gym floor, the first thing that pops into mind is rubber. It’s durable, resilient and water-resistant. Rubber flooring, in the form of tiles, is simple to maintain and will bounce when working out on it, making it easier on your joints.  You can easily install these interlocking tiles on concrete, other sub-floors, and even some existing floors.

Luxury Vinyl Tile or Planks

If you are planning on your home gym being temporary, and don’t want to permanently alter to damage the floor beneath, we suggest luxury vinyl tile. Luxury vinyl tile is waterproof, incredibly durable, and still has the resilient give of classic vinyl flooring. These planks and tile have a rigid top layer, provide outstanding stability, and can go down as floating floors for ease of installation.

Carpet Tile

If you and your family prefer a workout space with a softer touch that also helps with sound absorption, carpet is great option to consider.  It’s really easy to install (with interlocking tile pieces), and can also come with attached padding.