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The Wonders of Faux Wood Tile

From country homes to fancy, penthouse suites, hardwood floors give any space a certain flair that makes any room feel richer and more inviting. For those wanting the look of hardwood floors without the cost, the go to alternate choice has typically been laminate. Laminate has many positives and sometimes is best suited for a space, but laminate wood floors oftentimes look and feel quite different from what it is they set out to imitate. Even for those looking to build or remodel with hardwood, the long term durability remains a factor. And expensive hardwood floors will require expensive maintenance throughout the years. Enter a new option: faux wood tiles.

Limitless Benefits

Faux wood tiles come in the shape of wooden planks, with the coloration and visual texture of wood, but all at a far less expensive price point than hardwood. Whereas both hardwood floors and laminate wood floors damage easily in areas with too much moisture, faux wood floors would be right at home in a bathroom, kitchen or mudroom. Tile is among the most durable flooring option, scratch and stain resistant, it is also among the most affordable flooring options available. For homeowners looking to make the visual impact of hardwood flooring with the benefits and affordability of tile, faux wood tiles are a game changer.