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What Are Heated Floors & What Are The Benefits?

Heated floors are a great way to make your home more comfortable. They provide warmth and comfort while saving energy and money. Heated floors can be installed in both new and existing homes, either as an electric floor heating system or as an in-floor heating system. The most common type of heated floor is the underfloor heating option, which uses electric coils or hot water tubes to heat up the floor from underneath. This type of heated floor is easy to install and maintain, and it can provide a great source of warmth for your home all year round. In this article, we will discuss how does heated floor work, what are the different types of heated floors available, and what are the benefits of having them installed in your home.

Why Install Heated Floors?

Radiant heating is an incredible simple, yet effective way to heat your home. Heat rises! That makes heating from the floors up effective. Cold fall or winter night and you need to go to the bathroom? Imagine your bare feet comfortable along a warmed floor. The feeling is unparalleled.

Heated floor
Heated floor

Truthfully, air quality and convenience are the main reasons for installing heated floors. Heated flooring is energy efficient and effective. The standout impact of heated floors is removing the boiler from your home. Heating air results in removing the moisture from it. This dry air gets forced throughout your house, often resulting in difficulty breathing or sinus issues.

Radiant heating, on the other hand, typically passes water through coiled hoses beneath your flooring. This hot water circulates via a pump and is continually kept warm. As the water cycles through, your floors heat. This heat radiates and dissipates upwards throughout the room and house.

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