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Why Choose A Local Family Owned Company?

Thank you for visiting Faith Floors & More! Did you know that we are a locally & family owned company? Faith Floors & More has been operating in Brazos Valley for over 15 years. We strive to serve our community with the best quality and customer service in the industry.

Why Choose Local?

There are so many reasons to hire a local company. First and foremost, hiring locally means that all of your hard earned money stays in our local economy. We don’t have to pay a parent corporation a percentage of our profits out of town. That means we have more money to handle our business expenses and to pay our employees. Well paid employees means better work!

Speaking of better work, one hidden benefit of a locally owned company is slow turnover. These days, it seems harder to fined skilled laborers. Sure, there are plenty of people to hire who can install a floor, but how many of those people have experience installing? How many of those workers have been installing for years? Furthermore, how many have been with the same company and installing for years.

At Faith Floors & More we care about our employees and foster relationships that last decades. That means that our team is not only experienced, but we also know how to work well together. The benefit is that you, the homeowner, get a top-end product and experience completed by a cohesive team.

Finally, community & care. The truth is, we work and live in this community together. At Faith Floors & More we understand that a reputation takes years to develop, but can be lost overnight. As community members, we know you and you know us. We are not faceless corporate employees, we are your neighbors. That means a lot to us. It means that we want to give you the best service and product available. We care about are customers every time.

If you need home renovation, bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, or new flooring, then please call Faith Floors & More today!