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The Right Hardwood For Your Floor.

When it comes to flooring options for your home or business, wood is always a popular choice. Traditional wood floors bring to mind to beauty of European palaces, gilded libraries, and stately manors the world over. The rich texture wood floors add to any room is heightened all the more by the many types of wood floors available. Different tree species all come with their own unique color, texture, look, and feel.

With so hardwood flooring options, we put together a list of a handful of the most popular types of wood available to help you decide what will look and function best in your intended space.

Popular Hardwood Flooring Options

Oak: Oak, naturally light in color, is one of the most popular hardwood floors throughout the United States. It doesn’t dent or scratch easily, which means oak floors will hold up well even in high traffic areas such as hallways, kitchens, and dens. Oak can be stained a wide variety of colors and always has a heavy grain pattern. As time passes, oak can also be refinished at set intervals throughout the years to quickly return them to their pristine condition.

Mahogany: Mahogany, loved for its natural reddish-brown color, is loved for its versatility as well as durability. The beautiful grain of mahogany gives it a timeless classic look, not only making it a popular choice for flooring, but also for furniture and musical instruments as well.

Hickory: Hickory, light and knotted, is an extremely popular option for rustic country homes as well as log cabins. The wood is among the hardest and most durable, which makes it an investment to last throughout the ages. The close grain gives hickory the versatility to fit with most all design styles and tastes.

Cherry: Cherry wood, reddish in color, with no streaking grain grows darker as it ages. The wood is easy to maintain, but is also softer than other options making it easier to scratch. The regal look of cherry makes it a popular option in formal dining rooms, but the wood can be hard to work with, making it best for professional installation. An exotic variation, which is actually a separate species of tree, is Brazilian cherry. The lookalike has a deeper burgundy color with attractive dark streaking.

Walnut: Walnut, with its knots and stripped grain, will give any space a rich and luxurious feel. Although more expensive than other types of wood, walnut varies from a light to dark chocolate brown is known for being strong and durable. Able to hold up well across the years, walnut makes itself well worth the price.

Rosewood: Rosewood, with a grain pattern all its own, varies in color from shades of pale yellow to light purple. While popular for many years in furniture, recently rosewood has increasingly grown in its demand for flooring as the unique look offers something different.

Maple: Maple, with its subtle grain patterns, has long been one of the most popular choices in homes and business that prize durability and simplicity. Although it may stain over the years, this wood pattern has commonly been used in bowling alleys speaking to just how hard and durable of a material for flooring maple can be.

With so many options, it’s always best to consult trusted flooring experts who can advise and guide you through each and every step of your project to find the wood that’s right for you, your space, and your budget.

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