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Falling Hard for Hardwood

For years in the design world we have collectively been falling in love with hardwood and any material that even mimics it (vinyl, tile, etc.). Hardwood lasts forever, is easy to maintain and never goes out of style. It instantly warms up a space and is perfect backdrop for layering textures like a colorful rug or playful furnishings. It’s also incredibly durable, functional and cleanup is a breeze. Are you ready to rip up your old carpet and finally make the switch to hardwood? Before you get started, here are a few things you should know.  

Hardwood, As Far as the Eye Can See

One of the biggest things we are seeing in College Station at the moment is hardwood floors being carried out throughout the entire home. From the living room to the foyer, kitchen, bathrooms and even bedrooms and stairways, hardwood seems to be the preferred surface.

Colored Hardwood

While natural and stained wood are the most in demand, colored wood is quickly becoming a Texas favorite. Dark or pale gray, bleached and blanched (with a whitewashed, beachy look) are modern and versatile. Fuming hardwood is another way to process the wood so a color change occurs that is different every time. The wood ends up rich and dark, enhancing the natural grain.


Consider Alternatives

If you are hooked on the look, but open to considering an alternative to hardwood, WPC vinyl flooring (Waterproof Core) is one of the most popular types of hardwood lookalike. It’s rigid, stable and stylish, available in vinyl planks or tiles that are 100% waterproof, completely modern and look like real wood. Other options, like porcelain and tile have been on the rise in our area because they look just like hardwood but are also waterproof.