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Hardwood Floor Refinishing vs. Recoating

Once upon a time, back in the 1960s, practically every home in America was similar in one design aspect: wall-to-wall carpeting. Eek! As the years rolled by and a house full of thick carpet became a thing of the past, homeowner after homeowner would find themselves ripping up old carpet and unearthing the most prized of them all—classic, old, hardwood floors.

Caring for and Refinishing Hardwood Floors: Tips for Maintenance and Restoration"

Hardwood Flooring

If you’re fortunate enough to have newly discovered hardwood floors, or have a newer home and are just looking for tips on resurfacing and refreshing the wood, it’s essential to know how to best care for them. Routine maintenance like weekly vacuuming and using wood floor cleaner monthly will help keep the wood healthy, but if you are dealing with damage or old, worn out hardwoods, refinishing or recoating may be your next step.

What’s the Difference?

Recoating a hardwood floor is a relatively simple and much-less expensive process. It involves sanding or screening the existing finish, which removes small imperfections and smoothes the surface. Keep in mind that recoating is the way to go when dealing with minor imperfections. Some floors can’t be recoated if the finish has completely worn down.

Refinishing wood is a more involved and costly process, which involves sometimes completely restoring the wood. A large sander is used to remove the existing finish and then the exposed wood is sanded down to even out discoloration, dents, deep scratches and damage.  After it has been sanded, stain may be added followed by several coats of finish.

If you’re trying to decide between refinishing, recoating or just replacing your hardwoods altogether, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of the most trusted flooring companies here in College Station, Faith Floors and More. Their knowledgeable floor and design experts are happy to answer any questions.