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Hardwood Flooring Restoration [1/3]

Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are high quality, durable, and long-lasting. In order to get the most of them, they require maintenance. Follow along for helpful home-care tips.

Preventative Maintenance

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The easiest way to maintain your hardwood floors is to do ‘preventative’ maintenance. Preventative maintenance is all the work that floors require for normal upkeep. The simple truth is that the more effort you put into preventative maintenance, the easier the lifetime maintenance of your floors will be. Additionally, you will get to enjoy your floors more.

The number one key to preventative maintenance: keep your hardwood flooring clean and dry.

Over the lifetime of your hardwood floors, wear may be inevitable. Stains, scratches, and general wear can be minimized by keeping your floors clean. The top layer of dirt and debris is most often what is responsible for creating the stains and scratches in the first place.

As your floors wear, often after about a decade, you may notice scratches or stains in your hardwood. Fortunately, hardwood flooring can be restored.

Preparing Your Floors

Prior to resurfacing, your floors must be vacuumed or swept to remove excess dust and debris. It is important that you vacuum your hardwood floors before refinishing them. Vacuuming will help in several ways:

  • It will remove any dirt that may be embedded in the wood surface.
  • It will make the job easier by lifting up some of the excess sanding dust out of the way.
  • It will help to keep airborne particles from becoming lodged into your newly finished flooring.