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Creating the Ultimate Man Cave

Oh, the man cave: the quintessential place of refuge for men worldwide, a home for football-watching parties, drinking cold beer with friends and retreating from the opposite sex. Although the origins of such an essential space may date back to the era of cavemen, its wild popularity in modern culture is unquestionable. Whether utilizing a spare bedroom as the designated “men only” room, or adding an addition to the house or separate dwelling in the backyard, creating a man cave of your own may be easier than you think.

If You Build It, They Will Come

The first step is to establish your location. Utilizing a spare bedroom, FROG, garage or additional living room are all easy options if you aren’t looking to do major renovations to your home. Tiny homes, sheds and any other detached outdoor space are perfect for additional privacy. Consider adding a grilling area, cornhole, tiki torches and deck chairs for an optimal outdoor hangout.

Entertainment is Essential

Without question, a man cave must provide quality entertainment! The first thing that comes to mind is a large TV for sporting events and movie nights. Gaming systems, a dart board, pinball machine, pool table, or poker table will also provide hours of entertainment for friends.  Don’t forget the mini fridge for beer or kegerator!

Creating a sanctuary for relaxation, socializing and escape is the ultimate goal here. Looking for additional inspiration and tips for renovation? Let the professionals at Faith Floors & More help you create the ultimate man cave for yourself!