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Home Improvement Checklist

The decision to improve you home is a big one that comes with many exciting challenges and possibilities. First you have to consider where you would like to start. If you live in an older home that needs lots of TLC, it’s best to make a list of all your projects and decide which will be a priority.

"Prioritizing Home Improvement Projects for Functionality and Aesthetics"

Home Remodeling

Once you have both categories filled out, determine if any are of high concern, needing immediate attention. If a faucet leaks, but it at the top of your combined list. From there begin mixing in the two categories. It’s important to not only focus on projects you feel are necessary, but also projects you feel make your living space more beautiful.

Priority Assessment for Home Improvement Projects

To decide what project should go on the top of the list, begin with two categories. Make the first a list of all things that will make a visual difference, such as a new flowerbed, new coat of paint, or new hardwood floors. And then fill in the second category with things that are needed repairs, modifications or retrofits. If your old single-pane windows are costing you hundreds of dollars a year in utility costs, place new windows, or storm windows, at the top. Or, if you have a kitchen or bathroom that has some larger issue of functionality.


Home improvement is definitely a marathon, not a sprint. Thinking of creative ways to give you the endurance to see everything through as you address both designated needs and wants on your home improvement checklist.