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How to Prioritize Your Remodel

The question to remodel or not to remodel is a big one. Once you are ready to move forward with a resounding yes, the next item to address is, “Where do we start?”

Many rooms can vie for your time, attention, and budget, but which should be the priority? The answer really depends on you and the space you are (re)designing.

Putting Your Goals In Order

For most homes over a few decades old, the age will most certainly show in the kitchen and the bathrooms, especially in the master. Depending on the reasons behind your remodel and whether you are hoping to resell sooner rather than later, you should take the following steps to help you choose where best to begin.

Squeaky Wheel

First and foremost, the goal of any remodel should be to transform your space into something that works better for you. The old adage “the squeaky wheel gets the oil” holds true in a lot of areas of life. One of your first considerations may be, which room really needs the most help?

Consider The Resale

Are you considering reselling your home? This can play a useful role in determining your timeline. If you plan on selling soon, then as we do an in-home assessment we can help guide you to prioritize the projects that will bring you the most successful return on your investment.

If you are not selling soon, then you can shift your ROI from seeking financial return on investment to seeking experiential return on investment. We can focus on creating spaces in your house that make it truly your home.

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Budget, Budget, Budget

All other things equal? Budget can help tip the scales as to which project takes priority. For example, in the case where both your kitchen and bathroom are in desperate need of a little TLC, then we can go through your wishlists, estimate your project costs, and compare what it will take to get your rooms to be the spaces you want them to be. Where do you feel like you’ll get the most bang for your buck? What seems like the most feasible undertaking to start with? Budget can help guide the scale and speed of your project(s).

Choosing What Comes First

In the end, the best place to start is with an in-home consultation or a visit to our showroom. Come see what we have to offer and we’ll be happy to show you what our professionals see when looking at the potential of your spaces. At Faith Floors & More, we help College Station & Bryan remodel their bathrooms, kitchens, and homes on a variety of budgets and timelines. Contact us today and we’ll get your dream home renovations planned.