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Let it Be: The Au Natural Wood Renaissance

For years we have been trying to cover it up, paint it, distress it, and turn it into something other than what it is, which is just classic, beautiful wood. One trend we are seeing pop up in College Station is the resurgence of wood finishes for cabinets, flooring, backsplashes, vent hoods and countertops. Blame it on an oversaturation of white kitchens over the past few years, or the recent revival of wood artisans and custom cabinetmakers. Whatever the case, we don’t hate it! Try combining some of these wood accents to your existing kitchen for a fresh, warm update.

Natural wood

Mix and Match

One type of wood we are seeing everywhere is walnut. Rich, warm, light and elegant, it pairs well with lively colors like bright blues and greens and classics like white, gray and brass and is an excellent option for cabinets. Not wanting to invest in a total cabinetry overhaul but love the look of natural wood? The addition of a walnut butcher block island or a butcher block countertop adds warmth and pairs well with existing white cabinets.

Details, Details

Wood is showing up in new and unexpected ways with kitchen details like a paneled hood range, a wooden kitchen island or drawers. Add a bit of warmth with natural wood for a few drawers or cabinet fronts, in the midst of white or colored cabinets.  It helps break up the large amounts of white and introduces texture.

Still looking for ways to update your space, taking full advantage of beautiful natural wood? Let the home renovation experts at Faith Floors & More point you in the right direction.

kitchen details