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Make Room For The Guests – Tips From The Property Brothers

You might be wondering how you can make your home more welcoming for guests. Fortunately, the Property Brothers have some great ideas that you can steal. These things will make guests feel more comfortable in your home and will also add value to your house, as well.

On “Property Brothers at Home: Drew’s Honeymoon House,” engaged couple Drew and Linda are planning their honeymoon and renovating their home at the same time. After the renovations, they plan to have a huge pre-wedding party. Not surprisingly, one of the things that they are focusing on during the renovations is how to make their home more visitor-friendly. In the episode “Make Room for Guests” Drew focuses on remodeling three guest rooms. The master guest suite is for his brother Jonathan when he visits, and there are also two smaller visitor bedrooms, as well. During this episode, The Property Brothers point out things that guests love when they visit someone’s home.

A Separate Entrance

One thing that guests love is a separate entrance. In the show, Drew uses the extra space on his main floor to make a full guest suite complete with its front door. If you have guests often or want to rent out part of your home through a vacation sharing site, like Airbnb, a separate entrance is a beneficial feature to have.

Lots Of Light

Smaller guest rooms feel spacious and bright with lots of light. One way to make any space feel larger is by installing big windows. Consider adding a wall of windows to the room if you have a beautiful view outside. Large windows invite the gaze beyond your home’s walls to the surrounding landscape. This upgrade will transform just about any confined bedroom into a relaxing escape. Glass patio doors will also help make your home feel bigger.

Plenty Of Storage

Drew says that he wants to make his visitors feel like they are staying at a boutique hotel when they visit. One way to do that is making sure that there is plenty of storage available. Guests want space to store their stuff when they visit. One way to do that is to build custom cabinets into the room. It is pretty easy to do and isn’t too expensive.

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