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Maximizing Your Home’s Natural Light

Create a lighter, brighter home easily. Natural light is always preferable to artificial light. Natural light cannot be replicated with interior lighting no matter how smart our bulbs get.

Not every home is built with the goal of increasing natural light in mind. Here are a variety of things you can do to maximize the natural light in your home.

Choose A Light Color Palette

Light colors are better at reflecting natural light than darker shades. So, consider painting your walls in neutral colors, such as light blue or grey. Your larger furniture pieces, such as your sofa and loveseat should be lighter, as well. You can always choose dark accent tones to add a pop of color.


Add A Kitchen Window

In addition updating your kitchen’s backsplash, consider adding a window right above your sink. This will help let in more natural light and make it easier to prep and cook. Plus, you can enjoy the lovely view outside while you are doing dishes. You can either opt for a low-profile window or a long row of glass right behind your sink. Either way, it will make your kitchen seem brighter and more spacious.


Open Up Your Space

One of the most successful ways to brighten your home is to open up the space. A lot of modern day home remodeling is about opening homes to larger interior / shared spaces. Having open spaces allows the family to be together more, allows light to flow, and gives the feeling of a larger home.


Consult with us today about how we can improve the light in your home!