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Refreshing Your Patio

With the temps slowly starting to drop here in eastern Texas, this may just be the perfect time to finally tackle that weekend outdoor project you’ve been putting off all summer. One of the perks of living in such a warm climate is the ability to take advantage of a great outdoor space, practically year-round. If your outdoor patio is looking lackluster at the moment, let this be the first place you start.

Concrete Clean Machine

Weekends are the perfect time to tackle small projects and this includes patio maintenance like pressure washing and small repairs. Concrete is one of the most durable and strongest materials for a great outdoor surface, but it does require routine maintenance. Start by sweeping and scrubbing away all dirt, and then follow up with a thorough washing with a quality pressure washer.

Clean Machine
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Cover the Cracks

Once your patio has been cleaned, you can begin resurfacing cracks and uneven areas. (Keep in mind you will also need to reapply a new floor coating every couple of years.) Aside from being an eyesore, cracks in concrete allow water to slip into the soil beneath the patio.  When temperatures begin to drop in the winter, trapped water below can freeze and expand, causing more damage. The good news is these cracks can be filled with greyish concrete caulk, which should blend seamlessly with the rest of your patio flooring.