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Remodel to Reclaim Space

Remodeling in Bryan & College Station TX happens everyday and comes in all shapes and sizes. Not only can a remodel include an extension your home’s existing square footage, but it can also reclaim unused space and square footage that you already have.

A back porch for example that barely gets used may be prime for a remodel. With proper enclosure that space can transformed into a breakfast nook, sun room, or other extension. The same is true for a large sprawling game room or attic which may well lend itself to a redesign. Even simpler? Opening up a doorway or knocking down a wall between rooms can add tons of usable square footage.

Thinking Inside The Box


A house never has to be accepted as it is laid out and designed. A kitchen can be expanded to include an island and open seating concept that flows into the living room. Likewise, a room can be reconfigured and subdivided. A large spare room can be turned into an office and library with a top to bottom remodel. A back patio or attic space can also be built out to create a mother-in-law suite, or spare exercise room. Truly, the options are endless.

Remodels are about more than just changing the flooring and countertops alone. With a qualified, experienced professional company (Faith Floors & More, wink wink nod nod), your remodel can transform your house into the home of your dreams.

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