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Remodeling to Match Your Style and Taste

They say the only constant is change and while that is certainly true with what is fashionable from day to day and year to year, some things are a bit more reliable.

A great pro tip to keep in mind when planning your remodel is to ask yourself; what design elements will last and which will come and go.

The Latest Design

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Many desire their new kitchen to be as modern and chic as possible. For those seeking the latest, most in style look, pulling inspiration from current trends, color palettes, and technology is a must. Showrooms, magazines, TV and the internet offer an abundance of insight into the latest design trends when it comes to tile patterns, shapes and texture. The same is true for the shape and size of cabinetry, as well as the hardware that accompanies it.

Appliances, especially those that help transform your kitchen into a “smart” home, can place any remodel on the cutting edge. All of this will make your remodel a reflection of the times, both highly modern and advanced.

The Classic Standard

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The modern kitchen can certainly be breathtaking and for those in love with the new and modern, they can create a modern masterpiece to share and adore. It will be a perfect snapshot of what it is to shine in the moment.

At the same time, there is another approach to a kitchen remodel and that is to design with the future in mind. This doesn’t mean a space-aged kitchen from the Jetsons, but rather a more traditional, classic design that will stand the test of time. Any of us that have ever seen a pink or green oven in a kitchen can agree: some design aesthetics are short lived while others endure. Stainless steel appliances, for example, alongside traditional shapes and colors can provide a clean, straightforward look that will stand the test of time.

Both approaches offer something unique and special in any remodel and regardless of which you choose, always let the look and feel of your kitchen be a reflection of you and what you want.