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Rethinking Your Remodel: No Need For DIY Remodeling

Remodels easily find themselves on the “to do” lists of tomorrow. For younger couples in their first home, remodeling may be something that is a fantasy for “when we’re older.” You may be thinking, “Is DIY is the way to get the most of out our home?” Stop right there! Our answer won’t surprise you, but our reasoning may.

For many, including young families, there is the notion that remodeling has to be expensive and not affordable. This is not the case for a number of reasons.

Time Unused, Upgrade Your Space

A remodel not only directly affects the resale value of a house, it also directly affects the use of the space. When considering the amount of time spent in a room (like your kitchen!) the conversation about expense needs to include opportunity cost.

How much extra time do you spend cleaning, frustrated in a cramped quarters, or unable to get the most out of your space? Remodels aren’t just aesthetic: they are functional.


You deserve to live in a space that not only reflects who you are and what you want in life, but also that works for you. Achieving the goal of home ownership is a milestone to be proud of and the configuration of that house to the wants, needs, hopes and goals of the owner is essential. Every room in a house should reflect your styles, but assist you in accomplishing the things you need in order to continue to grow.

Don’t lose time in ineffective space. And DEFINITELY don’t lose time in what we call the DIY Black Hole

DIY Vortex Of Lies

Time, time, time. It’s your most valuable resource in life. Time is more important than anything. So don’t waste your precious time in a DIY pit of lies. Why pit of lies? Because while some weekend warriors are accustomed to knocking down tasks left and right, the rest of us need to remember the old 80/20 rule.

At the end of the day, DIY projects are never as simple as they seem at first. We aren’t saying you can’t do it, but why would you? Not only do we have an entire team of people ready to work, but they do this work every single day.

Don’t waste your precious time in DIY. See the real cost of a home remodel and call Faith Floors & More today.