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Save Your Deck from Sun Damage

Whewwww these Texas summers are a doozy! Since we’ve been enduring temps in the 90s lately, the only way to feasibly enjoy your outdoor space this time of year is with tons of shade. A deck umbrella, awning or shade sail are pretty much a must-have to protect your skin from unnecessary sun damage.  In the dog dogs of summer, you aren’t the only one taking a beating from the harsh UV rays. Think about your home! For example, that beautiful, newly-installed deck could also benefit from additional sun protection. You may not realize it, but wood that isn’t properly maintained will quickly fade and turn gray due to sun damage.


Sealed to Perfection

You can help prevent sun damage to wood by applying a protective sealant every two years for best results. There are multiple sealants on the market (at varying price points) that protect against harsh weather, including the sun.

Made in the Shade

Retractable awnings are a great investment for Texans, allowing you to choose when you want to soak up those rays. Most awnings are also constructed with UV-resistant material so they remain looking good for years, while protecting patio furniture and the deck below it. If you don’t want the commitment of an awning, consider purchasing a deck umbrella that works with your patio furniture and can provide shade for a smaller deck.

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Lighten Up

Lighten Up

Just like with wearing lighter colors in the summer to repel absorption of the sun, selecting a lighter stain color for your deck can help keep it cool.  Darker stains are more likely to fade from sun damage while lighter colors require less maintenance.