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Spring Projects: A Cozy Window Seat

A window seat adds style and comfort to your home.

An incredible view and a comfy place to curl up and relax makes a window seat one of the best places in any home. Bright sunlight and an airy breeze makes a window seat the perfect place for relaxing after a long day at work.

Window seats are a trendy interior design feature. They add both functionality and style to a room. Drawers or cabinets can be placed underneath for extra storage. Plus, window seats can be placed under just about any window. So, you can make a lounging area in any room in your home.

Here is a guide to help you find the perfect space and personalize the window seat for your area.



Choose The Space

Select the best space in your home for the window seat. If you have a bay window, for instance, you can design a bumped out window seat.  This allows you to take advantage of the space below the bay window. Placing a window seat underneath a bay window can eliminate the need for additional seating in the room. It will also give the space a simple, clean look.

Blend With The Room

Choose cabinetry that will help the window seat blend in with the rest of the room. This will make the seat appear to be an extension of the room.


Add Accessories

Make your window seat as inviting as possible by accessorizing with plush, pretty pillows, warm throw blankets and more. Hang exciting artwork near the bench.

Make It + Stylish Functional

Ensure that your window seat area is as functional as possible. Add plentiful storage in the form of drawers or cabinets underneath the seat. Use roomy built-in drawers to store extra blankets or other items. If the window seat is located in a home office, add a set of drawers underneath for storage.