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Home Improvements to Battle the Winter Blues

Every year without fail, somewhere between mid-January and the first signs of spring, millions of Americans experience a form of mild seasonal depression (known as SAD) from the lack of sunlight and being cooped up in doors. Although Texas is blessed with relatively mild winters, battling the winter blues is still an issue for many. The good news is a few small changes at home (and yes, DIY projects!) can help you kick those blues to the curb.

Grab the Paintbrush!

As we’ve mentioned before, color can have a dramatic impact on your mood. In what rooms are you spending the majority of your time? If you’re spending over 8 hours a day glued to your computer in a drab home office, grab some fresh paint and a paintbrush ASAP.  Opt for more vibrant color choices (no gray or beige here) that can help improve your mood. Yellow is cheerful and optimistic, while red can help with confidence and energy. Green can be calming, while orange can bring a sense of happiness and enthusiasm.

Improve Natural Light

Natural light (even on overcast days) can help you feel not so closed in or isolated. The obvious first step is to open all blinds and curtains during the daytime and then look outside. Are there overgrown branches and limbs close to the house that can be trimmed back to allow for more light? If so, a quick weekend warrior cleanup project could help you work with what you current have. Is your space in desperate need of access to more natural light in general? You may want to consider installing larger windows, doors or even investing in skylights.

Move it Around!

If your living room is the exact same way you set it up 15 years ago, it’s time to start rearranging furniture.  Even minor changes to your environment (like the addition of large house plants, a fresh piece of artwork or a new chair) can improve mood almost instantly. Consider feng shui. This ancient Chinese practice of arranging furniture in a specific pattern forces harmony and positive energy throughout the space. Translation: the art of moving furniture around in a space with the specific purpose of improving mood is as old as time!

Plan Your Next Projects

When all else fails, start planning your next renovation project for early spring. Create a vision board for yourself; reach out to the experts at Faith Floors and More for design ideas, and then start saving for that new kitchen floor or bathroom tile you’ve been dreaming of.