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Home Renovation Tips to Keep Your Project on Track

You’ve been dreaming of new countertops for the past two years. You’re considering knocking down a wall and opening up your kitchen and living room areas for a more on-trend, open concept space. You have even considered swapping out your dated bathtub for a spacious, spa-like shower with a dual rainfall shower system. These are all excellent renovation goals! But before you spend a penny, take the time to make a plan, develop a proper budget and do your research. Poor planning, an overly optimistic and unrealistic budget, hiring the wrong contractor and cutting corners can leave you more frustrated and stressed than before renovations began. And we don’t want that for you!

Be Realistic and Hire a Professional

We all love HGTV, but let’s be honest. Who hasn’t binged a season of Fixer Upper and been convinced that we can also knock down a few walls, unearth shiplap and then expertly pour a new foundation on our own? Guilty! While we all have different skill levels, make sure you are being realistic with yourself before taking on more than you can handle. It’s really easy to overestimate your abilities and underestimate the time and money it can potentially take to do it completely on your own. Commit to hiring professionals for certain tasks. For example, Faith Floors and More here in College Station is an excellent go-to for floors, countertops and other large projects.

Budget for the Unexpected

Oftentimes when renovations begin, fabulous Instagram-worthy shiplap is not the thing being discovered. Mold, leaks, corroded pipes and termite damage are all pretty common in older homes and may be overlooked in your original budget. Even the best contractor in the world can’t predict what may be lurking beneath the surface. Go ahead and set aside at least 15% more than your original estimated budget so you will be financially prepared for those unpleasant surprises.

Refuse to Settle

If you’ve been dreaming of a specific kitchen with granite countertops and hardwood plank floors, don’t be willing to compromise on your vision. Don’t let a well-meaning contractor or designer talk you into something you may regret, especially if you have been saving up for months for the renovation. Just like with any game of poker, a toxic relationship or a poor business venture, so much of life is“knowing when to hold ‘em, and knowing when to fold ‘em.” You’re better off pushing a project back to give yourself more time to save, or to find the building materials that you love, as opposed to rushing it and regretting it. Know when to walk away. You can always pick back up at a later date!