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The Reality of Home Renovations During a Pandemic

You’ve spend the better part of a year confined to your home due to the pandemic, and have probably dreamed up every possible scenario for home improvements. You’ve spent day after day creating a mental laundry list of projects to tackle, painting that needs to be done, carpet that should be ripped up and even walls that you would like to see opened up. And here we are in the middle of spring, with most of the country reopened, stimulus checks in our bank accounts and spirits lifted.  So let’s do it! The time has come to really start moving on some of your home projects. And then you realize…not so fast. Labor and parts are currently at a premium with contractors spread thin and steel and lumber prices skyrocketing to almost 200% what they were pre-pandemic.

Don’t Panic and Don’t Rush

You may need to readjust your expectations as to what projects you can financially take on at the moment, but you can still start working on that list.  First of all, do your research, get multiple bids (if you are hiring a contractor) and be willing to walk away if necessary. Be very detailed when formulating a contract regarding cost, time, materials, etc.

Home Renovations

Let Us Help

The truth is your renovation budget should be based on a percentage of the value of your property, most notably if you are planning to sell in the near future.  Sound confusing? We suggest talking to a professional home renovation specialist at Faith Floors & More to help you create a plan for your design needs. The process of making your home exactly like you want it shouldn’t be a nightmare! We want to make sure you have great quality materials, without overpaying.

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