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Design Inspiration

Design inspiration can come in many forms and from anywhere. Whenever considering how best to go about decorating a new space, remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, or sprucing up an old and dated dining room, let these simple tips guide you down the path best for you.

"Strategic Steps for Interior Redesign: Defining Priorities and Crafting the Vision"

First decide which space you wish to prioritize and how much you want to change. These two components together will directly decide how much you are going to budget. They will also help you narrow down your sources for inspiration.

After having selected your space, decide what you currently like about it and what you want to keep. This will help guide your redesign. If you are moving into a new space, decide what pieces of furniture and art you will be brining along. But if you crave a completely fresh start, and your budget allows, start with a blank canvas, but be thinking about what will set the tone for the room.


"Drawing Inspiration for Your Interior Design: Embracing the Environment"


Once you’ve chosen what space to decorate, and decided what will be staying, coming along, or starting you off, then it’s time to seek what inspires you and how to bring it into this room. If the space is in a new home in a new place, such as by the beach, by the woods, or in the mountains, consider if any of the elements traditionally associated with those places are something you want to incorporate into your new design.

If nothing so thematic speaks to you, decide if there are specific elements you wish to include. Do you like natural green spaces and want to bring that into the space? Then you will seek out colors, textures and accent pieces that bring that to life.

But if the space is intended for a very specific purpose, such as work, studying, meditation or writing, then let those needs influence you as needed. Whether it’s clean simplicity, with little color or vibrant pops of primary red, yellow or blue with lots of texture and layering. Let your new space reflect who you are and where you are at in your life. And let your design be inspired by as many people, places and things as possible.