Faith Floors

Enjoying the Comfort and Style of the Indoors…Outside!

When you close your eyes and think of a dynamic outdoor living space, what comes to mind? If you’re envisioning plastic patio furniture and a concrete slab, it’s time to think again. One of the latest trends for creating an interesting outdoor living/ lounging space is to take the comfort of an indoor living room, and move it outside!

Let’s start from the floor and work our way up. If your backyard is currently a blank canvas of just grass or rocks, consider installing brick pavers. Herringbone patterns are one of the hottest trends for 2020. Porcelain tiles and large, colorful Moroccan rugs are also a great option for laying the foundation to a cozy outdoor space.  

When it comes to furniture, think comfortable but unique. Oversized couches and lounge chairs, a grand coffee table and mismatching chairs are all appropriate here. If you have the budget (and space) to extend beyond this, outdoor kitchens, wood-fired pizza ovens and stone fireplaces are also incredibly popular and give al fresco dining the same conveniences as the indoors. On a smaller scale, a custom (or DIY) firepit is perfect for creating an intimate ambiance. Bring the space together with a chandelier, Edison lights strung in the trees and giant floor pillows.