Faith Floors

Interior Design & Creative Blends in Your Remodel

For most homeowners a remodel is an opportunity to turn completely to the new, replacing floors, changing out counter tops, fixtures and more. With an abundance of options, the choices are endless, but there is also the opportunity with a remodel to embrace the new while still honoring the old.

Refurbished, Repurposed, Reborn.

In older houses, oftentimes beneath dated carpet and padding exist truly rare gems. More than once has a remodel turned up gorgeous hardwood floors hidden away like buried treasure. The same is true for interior brick walls just waiting to be uncovered. Sometimes the hidden gems are in plain sight, such as wood beams ceilings and dated fixtures only needing a little TLC to transform them into beauties worth a fortune at restoration markets and antique shops. By unlocking the past and merging it with remodeled accompaniment, any older home can be transformed into a showpiece worthy of top design magazines worldwide. The same is true for newer homes. Those longing for nostalgic blends can often comb antique markets and refurbished hardware stores, making the for the perfect mix of both new and old.


Living And Breathing Design

To incorporate life into any remodel oftentimes means making space and preparations for all things greens. Plants, and even additions such as new or larger windows, in a kitchen, bathroom or bedroom allow for more of life, light and green to come in, but a design can be alive in more ways than one. By recognizing the fluidity of your design, the mix of the new and old, and the continual open mindedness to let your design adjust, grow, and change from year to year, you can keep on this path.