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Interior Design Tips for All

With so many shows, magazines, and blogs dedicated to beautiful interior design, those setting out on their own for the first time with the hopes to transform any modest bedroom, kitchen or living room into the next award winning showroom may well feel overwhelmed.

But those seeking to transform a space and give their living space a new look have nothing to fear. With these simple and straightforward steps, form, function and beauty is within everyone’s reach. Working with a trusted designer is a great first step, even just to ask questions, see portfolios and get a sense of what is currently trending, even if what that designer does isn’t quite to your liking.

"Creating Your Beautiful Interior: From Inspiration to Collaboration"

The goal of all interior design is to make a beautiful space that you like. After all, it’s going to be you and your friends and family enjoying your masterpiece for years to come. To help decide what you like, visit showrooms, flip through magazines and take note of anything that stands out to you. If there is a particular theme, such as “by the sea,” or a particular set of color combinations such as green and yellow, make note of it and begin compiling your list. When working with a designer, be sure to communicate all of these preferences. Afterall, they work for you and are there to ensure you get the best design possible for you and your home.


Also, think of each item’s place in the newly designed room. Some will be for form, such as art on the wall, and some will be for function, such as a dresser for your clothes. The happy crossover of these two roles will be found in a chair or table that is also a statement about the room. Both the shape and color will help define the style of the piece and lend direction to the style and feel of the room as a whole. If a table is large, bulky and made of distressed wood planks, depending on the color it will give either a lighter, more casual country feel or a heavier, darker, old-world, European charm.

In deciding what direction the room will have overall, decide first what is going to be the centerpiece of the space, figuratively or perhaps literally speaking. If you enjoy a more modern style for your living room, then let the sofa set be what boldly makes that statement. Everything else in the room will then be added on to accent and accentuate.

As with all projects, have fun and remember the joy of interior design is in the story behind each item as much as it is in the use and enjoyment with your friends and family.