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Making Room for a Home Office

Eco-Friendly Interior Designing

Oh, the home office—the room we never knew we couldn’t live without until suddenly everyone needed to work from home during the pandemic.  The majority of the country is back up and running now (especially here in Texas), with many employees back at the office. However, some employers discovered that returning to a brick and mortar location was no longer a necessity, leaving employees with the task of setting up a more permanent WFH solution.

If you aren’t blessed with a spare room to convert into an office (let’s face it, most people don’t just have an extra room that isn’t already being utilized for something else), you may have to get creative. This could mean converting a closet, the space under the stairs or even a current breakfast nook.  If you have a decent-sized spare closet, start by removing the clothes pole and installing electrical connections and a light source.

Interior Designing For Accessibility

 The goal is to establish a quiet, workable space, far enough removed from distractions that you are able to focus. Whatever space you decide on, make sure you have room for a desk, storage for any necessary supplies and a comfortable chair. If storage space is limited in your designated home office, find a place in another area of your home for items and supplies that you use less frequently.